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At CAT Mexicana we offer our clients tailor made integral solutions to Company´s specific requirements, developing and implementing products in accordance to each of our clients needs:
Forming and Training Courses
  • Airbus A320 Family Aircraft Initial Pilot Training  

  • Airbus A-320 Family Aircraft Recurrent Pilot Training


  • Pilot  License Validation Training


  • Pilot  Capacity Validation Training  for A-320 Family Aircraft


  • Emergency Procedures (includes Integral Ditching Drills)


  • Dry and Wet FFS (Full Flight Simulator) Thompson FFS TT&S-A320 sessions


  • Dry and Wet MFTD  Fixed Simulator Sessions 

  • First Aid Training

Flight Attendants
  • Initial Flight Attendants Training for non licensed  personnel


  • Initial Flight Attendant Training for personnel with current license


  • Recurrent Flight Attendant Training


  • License Validation Training with 2 year expiration date


  • Integral Ditching


  • Emergency Procedures

  • Fist Aid Training

Operation Officers
  • Recurrent Training for Operations Officers

  • License Revalidation Courses

  • Airbus A320 Performance Levels

  • Embraer 135/145 Performance Levels

Additional Courses
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations

  • ETOPS (Extended Operations)

  • ILS CAT II Y III (Instrument Landing System)

  • Human Factors

  • CRM (Crew Resource Management)

  • Learning Techniques - Initial

  • Teaching Techniques  - Recurrent


  • RVSM  (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum)

  • RNAV/RNP (Random Navigation/ Required Navigation Performance)

  • MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specification)

Integral Ditching  Sessions


  • Up to 30 participants

  • Ample and Comfortable

  •  Wi-Fi

Equipped Classrooms

  • Up to 20 participants

  • Individual Computers for participants and Instructor

  • Internet connection

Parking Space

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