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At CAT Mexicana we offer our clients tailor made integral solutions to Company´s specific requirements, developing and implementing products in accordance to each of our clients needs:
Development and Training Courses
  • Airbus A320 Family Aircraft Initial Pilot Training , with ELT.  

  • Airbus A-320 Family Aircraft Recurrent Pilot Training without ELT.

  • Pilot  License Validation Training .

  • Pilot  Capacity Validation Training  for A-320 Family Aircraft .

  • Wet FFS (Full Flight Simulator) Thompson FFS TT&S-A320 sessions.


  • Dry and Wet MFTD  Fixed Simulator Sessions. 

Training Course, Development and Training
Flight Attendants
  • Initial Flight Attendants Training for non licensed  personnel.

  • Initial Flight Attendant Training for personnel with current license.

  • Recurrent Flight Attendant Training.

Additional Courses
  • Dangerous Goods for Pilots, Flight Attendants and Maintenance Technicians​.

  • Aeromedical course for Pilots and Flight Attendants.

Rental of facilities for integral ditching  sessions
Our facilities

We have modern, comfortable and highly

equipped facilities for our clients.



  • Up to 15 participants.

  • Ample and comfortable.

  •  Wi-Fi.

Equipped Classrooms

  • Up to 15 participants.

  • Individual computers for participants and instructor.

  • Internet connection.

​Parking Space

  • We have a wide range of rooms used for the various courses taught at the center.  

  • Areas used for Integral Ditching sessions.

  • Simulator area for Pilots.

  • Dressing area and showers for ladies and gentlemen.

  • Cafeteria services.

  • Break Zone.

  • Parking spaces.



  • Pension for cars by fleet or personal, 24 hours a day and open 365 days a year.

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