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In compliance with the provisions of articles 15, 16 and 17 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. of C.V. (Mexican), with address at Avenida Texcoco without number, Federal Zone of the International Airport of Mexico City, Mayor's Office Venustiano Carranza, zip code 15620, in Mexico City, is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data, and In this regard, we inform you of the following:


For what purposes will we use your personal data?

To provide you with the service or product contracted with Mexicana, follow up on the process of the contracted service, carry out billing, collection and debt recovery procedures, as well as any clarification related to your payment and/or the contracted service, sending quotes and information about our services, attention to queries, requests for information and/or claims in relation to the contracted services, follow-up via social networks, telephone or email to processes initiated with us.


In addition, we will use your personal information for the following purposes that are not necessary for the requested service, but that allow and facilitate us to provide you with better attention and offer you our services: to send advertising or promotion regarding the services we offer, attention of doubts or clarifications regarding the services that we make available to you through our available channels.


The rights of the owner to exercise their rights to revocation of consent or opposition after the delivery of their personal data or their use are always protected. The refusal to use your personal data for these purposes may not be a reason for us to deny you the services you request or contract with us.

What personal data will we use for these purposes?

To carry out the purposes described in this privacy notice, we may use some of the following personal data:


  • Name

  • Marital status

  • Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC)

  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)

  • Place of birth

  • Date of Birth

  • Nationality

  • Home

  • Personal phone

  • Cell phone

  • Autograph signature

  • Age

  • Photography

  • Position or position held

  • Work address

  • Institutional email

  • Personal email

  • Institutional phone


With whom do we share your personal information and for what purposes?

We inform you that your personal data may only be shared within the country with companies, organizations or authorities other than us, in accordance with the following:


• Your personal data may be transferred only in the cases provided for in article 37 sections I, V, VI and VII of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, in terms established by that law.

• When requested by public bodies and administrative and judicial authorities, regulatory entities in the exercise of their functions and service providers.


Purpose of personal data.

Obtaining your personal data is for the fulfillment of legal, informative, transparency obligations, statistical purposes, compliance with judicial and administrative requirements issued by competent authorities, in compliance with requirements or requests with effect in the territory of the United Mexican States. or abroad in accordance with the international treaties in which the Mexican State is a party, always in accordance with the legal provisions in force in our country.


How can you access, rectify or cancel your personal data or oppose its use?

You have the right to know what personal data we have about you, what we use it for and the conditions of use we give it (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request the correction of your personal information in case it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); that we remove it from our records or databases when it considers that it is not being used properly (Cancellation); as well as oppose the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO).


To exercise any of the ARCO rights, you must submit the respective request at any time after any legal relationship between Mexicana and the person who provides your personal data comes into force.


You may revoke the consent you have given for the processing of your data; For this, it is necessary that you request it at our address located at Avenida Texcoco without number, Federal Zone of the International Airport of Mexico City, Mayor's Office Venustiano Carranza, zip code 15620, in Mexico City.


Procedure to exercise ARCO rights.

The holder or his legal representative must submit his request to which he must attach a simple copy of his official identification and present the original for comparison.


In the case of legal entities: public instrument containing power of attorney for acts of administration and domain or special clause to exercise ARCO rights, as well as official identification of the legal representative or agent.

What information and/or documentation should the application contain?

  • Identification data of the owner of the personal data (Full name, name or company name, address, email and telephone.)

  • Proof of identity / legal representation (official identification, original public instrument and copy for comparison)

  • Express statement of the ARCO right that is going to be exercised

  • Name and signature of the natural person and/or legal representative in the case of legal entities

  • Date

In how many days will we respond to your request?

In a maximum of 15 business days

By what means will we communicate the response to your request?

Through the email provided in the application

In what media can the personal data that you request be reproduced?

Magnetic, electronic and physical media

How can you limit the use or disclosure of your personal information?

In order for you to limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, we offer the following:

To limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, you must submit your request in writing in person at the address of Mexicana and in this way the use of your personal data will only be for the necessary purposes derived from the legal relationship that binds you.


Use of tracking technologies on our website

We inform you that on our website we do not use cookies, web beacons or other technologies, through which it is possible to monitor your behavior as an internet user, since our goal is to provide you with the greatest security in your personal data as well as a best service and experience when browsing our page.

We will use the personal data that we collect through our website to answer about the services that Mexicana offers.

The personal data that we obtain from our website are the following:

•   Name, denomination or business name

•.  Email

•.  Telephone contact

Changes in the privacy notice

This privacy notice may undergo modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements, due to the needs of the products or services we offer, privacy practices, changes in our business model, changes in regulations, among others.

We promise to keep you informed about the changes that this privacy notice may undergo on our website:

Acceptance of terms

This privacy statement constitutes a legal agreement between the user and Mexicana. If you use our services it means that you have read, understood and consented to the terms set forth above.

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