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Contribute to the promotion, training and updating of aeronautical technical personnel, incorporating  Industry´s strictest standards  in safety, security, and quality, demanded by the Aviation Industry, achieving total customer satisfaction in Mexico and abroad.
To be Mexico´s leading aeronautic training center and, as a result of our excellence in oversight, a bench mark for top quality Training Services in the industry worldwide.
  • Warmth: By upholding ample disposition, interest and cordiality we guarantee  maximum proximity to each individual.

  • Quality: We will place maximum effort on every action focused on our customers,  aspiring to become the best in the business.

  • Cordiality: Our cordiality will be evident through eye contact and thoughtfully considered responses, always  aware of customers needs.

  • Commitment: We are committed with our Values.

  • Efficiency: We strive to offer our clients effective, timely  solutions to specific needs.

  • Experience: With more than 20 years of experience , we can offer our customers professional training and near real life experiences.

  • Professionalism: We have capacity to adapt to Corporate Philosophies of our clients. We perform the tasks to train, form and update technical personnel in accordance with current aviation protocols and adhere to customers specific requirements.

  • Dedication: We understand each of our customers training needs and always  strive to achieve top quality results .

  • Discipline: We are capable of designing, developing and implementing training programs geared to satisfying each of our customers operational needs.

  • Responsibility: We are focused on the fulfillment of our commitments and obligations.

  • Ethics: Our ethics practices respond to strict Confidentiality Agreements demanded by our customers.



The Code of Ethics of Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. DE C.V. (“Mexicana”) establishes principles and values ​​that should guide the conduct of employees, suppliers, trainers, and all personnel who collaborate in the administrative, operational and academic process of the company.

The members of the community that participate in the administration, operation and training constitute a sample of the social, ethnic and cultural plurality of our country and considers that it is a duty to value, respect and preserve this human wealth concentrated in the working life of its employees. , customers, suppliers, in its broadest expressions and manifestations aimed at providing services and healthy coexistence.

This Code of Ethics includes the values ​​that should set a course for the life of a “Mexicana” and her interaction with individuals and legal entities with whom she maintains close collaboration and good understanding.

With regard to the provision of technical training services, it will have duly trained and trained personnel who must meet the expectations that have been entrusted to it, and which is recognized not only by Mexican aviation but also by international aviation and international organizations. of the sector with which it maintains collaboration ties aimed at the training of aeronautical technical personnel.

The administrative, operational and training activities offered through its Technical Training Center "CAT" are aimed at training professionals and technicians of excellence in the provision of services on the ground and on board aircraft, with fundamental values ​​such as academic integrity. , useful to society, with critical, ethical, social and environmental awareness, and committed to justice, cooperation and human solidarity.

We contribute with rationality, objectivity and truthfulness in the generation and transmission of technical and humanistic knowledge, as well as in the solution of problems that arise during their working life both in the aeronautical sector and in any other sector of the economy.

We spread and publicize as widely as possible the benefits of aviation technical knowledge, as well as culture in general, with social responsibility.

Ethical principles of Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. de C.V. 

  • Peaceful coexistence and respect for cultural, ethnic and personal diversity.

  • Equality.

  • Freedom of thought and expression.

  • Respect and tolerance.

  • Secularism in training activities.

  • Work and academic integrity and honesty.

  • Social and environmental responsibility in education and training.

  • Objectivity, honesty and impartiality in training and instruction.

  • Care and preservation of “Mexicana” facilities

  • Transparency in the use of information.

  • Privacy and protection of personal information.

Peaceful coexistence and respect for cultural, ethnic and personal diversity.

The employees of “Mexicana” have the right to defend their thinking, to have their differences recognized and accepted; to dissent from the majority and to seek their own identity within the multiple crucible of Aviation, since currents of thought, theories and practical, technical and scientific paradigms, as well as cultural traditions, beliefs and social or political ideologies can coexist and converge in it. For this reason, there is no place within it for discriminatory expressions or those that advocate violence or intolerance, nor tax acts that prevent or contravene the purposes inherent to work and academic life. Harmonious coexistence and solidarity among the participants in economic, administrative and academic activities require the prevention of any violent demonstration. Consequently, it is the duty and responsibility of all to maintain peaceful relations, seek equitable and respectful dialogue as a mechanism to overcome differences, and avoid the exercise of violence.


In order to interact with the different thoughts with which "Mexicana" maintains relationships, an attitude of equal rights must be developed, which is why no one can be discriminated against because of their national or ethnic origin, their opinions, gender, sexual orientation or preference, religion, age, marital status, social, work or health condition, disabilities or any other reason that violates human dignity.

Freedom of thought and expression.


Freedom of thought and expression are fundamental principles protected and guaranteed by "Mexicana" so that all those who participate in its administration, operation, trainers, client suppliers and the community in general have the right to think freely and express themselves respecting the rights of the people who make up our community. At the same time, all the members that participate in the various activities of “Mexicana” undertake to resolve differences of opinion and thought through dialogue and reasoned consensus.

Respect and tolerance.

Respect is a fundamental principle for the coexistence of the participants in the “Mexicana” operation, which entails the imperative of tolerance. This supposes the recognition of diversity, respect for differences and imposes the obligation to understand the context of plurality in which we live and the responsibility to accept the relativity of one's own convictions, practices and ideas.

Secularism in training activities.

Secularism is an inalienable principle and with which the different participants in the activities of "Mexicana" and all its suppliers and clients are obliged to protect and preserve it. The right to believe or not to believe in a certain deity or religion is a fundamental right protected by this principle. Secularism is reinforced with tolerance and bases peaceful, respectful and dialogic coexistence between people who have different beliefs and, in parallel, requires from participants in the various activities of "Mexicana" an anti-dogmatic approach and alien to all fundamentalism in the work of our work and academic life.

Work and academic integrity and honesty.

Integrity and honesty are principles of the work of "Mexicana". For this reason, all administrative and academic personnel must adhere to their activities, the fulfillment of objectives, incorporation of efficient and effective work methods, construction and transmission of knowledge and commitment to the timely delivery of reports, projects and products.

Integrity and honesty imply complying in a timely manner with the commitments established with the various authorities that intervene in the future of "Mexicana", as well as with clients and suppliers, with whom a contractual relationship has been established, in order to deliver quality products, meeting the specifications of the aeronautical authority and customers based on the commitments made, in such a way that healthy and lasting relationships are maintained.

Social and environmental responsibility.


"Mexicana" must observe its obligations as a company that is in bankruptcy, which does not exempt it from all its activities being oriented towards meeting social and environmental responsibility, in such a way that we consider honesty, fairness and integrity as key criteria of the organization with social responsibility that must generate a positive impact on society, we respect the rules, and rules of operation and administration, strictly following the laws that govern the operation of "Mexicana" with a spirit of transparency, trust and accountability, respecting human dignity in all our actions.

Objectivity, honesty and impartiality in training and instruction.

The personnel of "Mexicana" who participate in aeronautical training processes undertake to conduct themselves with objectivity, honesty and respect towards those trained, invariably attending the programs authorized by the aviation authority and based on the agreements established with the contracting airlines that wish to Participate in training programs and previously agreed.

Care and preservation of facilities.


The preservation of Mexicana's facilities ensures the adequate fulfillment of services offered mainly in the training aspect, for which there is a commitment to conserve and maintain both physical facilities and instruments and materials in optimal operating conditions that allow the fulfillment of objectives and attention to clients who require courses or internships, for which periodic evaluation and conservation programs are carried out for facilities that allow us to provide quality services to our clients and aeronautical authorities that require it.

Similarly, all students or training personnel must protect and preserve the materials and facilities in compliance with the regulations that are previously delivered to the users of the facilities.


Transparency in the use of information.

Participants in the administrative, operating and training activities of "Mexicana" who have responsibilities for the management and administration of assets, information or economic and financial resources must act in a transparent and honest manner, observing ethical principles of respect, justice, honesty and freedom that allow preserving the confidentiality of the operation, as well as the sensitive information of natural and legal persons, in compliance with legal provisions.

Privacy and protection of personal information.

Privacy is a fundamental right and a principle that "Mexicana" values. Therefore, the staff of this company undertakes to respect personal data, the personal information of suppliers and customers and of all the people whose data has been provided by the different sources that interact with "Mexicana"


For the interpretation or clarification of this "Code of Ethics" will be in charge of the Trustee of Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. de C.V., given its bankruptcy status and for being the person who legally represents it.

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